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The following items are made and/or used year-round

The coulevre, also referred to in Trinidad as a
sebucan, is a woven strainer used in squeezing the juice out of grated cassava.  It is also featured in the logo of the Carib Community.  This item requires specialized knowledge of weaving techniques and can only be made by two individuals in Trinidad, one of whom is the President of the Carib Community (Ricardo Bharath).

Baskets, styled according to the weaving found typically in Dominica's Carib Territory, is now produced by the Caribs of Arima as a result of exchange visits with
Dominica's Caribs.

Many of the items are
woven from a palm known in Trinidad as
terite, shown here at left.

TOP:  Cassava bread immediately after baking in the Carib Kitchen.  LEFT:  Cassava bread placed in the hot sun to get "cripsy."

Items made especially for the Santa Rosa Festival every August

Bamboo flower vases
(usually placed on the pillars of the Santa Rosa RC Church)

Photographs: Copyright 1998, Maximilian C. Forte. All Rights Reserved