We, the Carib Community, 
in the Present
©1998, Santa Rosa Carib Community, All Rights Reserved. Reproduced here as per the brochure.

  • Starting from 1976, with formal incorporation as a limited liability company organized under the Companies Act, the Santa Rosa Carib Community has developed into a formal organization.
  • The Santa Rosa Carib Community is led by a President (Ricardo Bharath Hernandez). Other leading members are the Secretary (Jacqueline Khan), the Shaman (Cristo Adonis), the Youth Representative (Susan Campo), a Research and Public Relations Officer, the Queen (Medina Valentina) who officiated at the Santa Rosa Festival held each year at the end of August.
  • Members gather at special meetings held at the Carib Community Centre, and work together in preparing traditional items for their public events.
  • The Carib Community Centre is located at 7A Paul Mitchell Street in Arima, about three blocks west of the Santa Rosa RC Church, and one block west of the Santa Rosa cemetery on King Street.
LEFT: Exterior entry to the Carib Centre.            RIGHT: Meeting Hut located in front

ABOVE: Interior of the Carib Centre

Photographs © Maximilian C. Forte, 1998. 
All rights reserved. Copying, reproducing and distributing images not permitted without written consent


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